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The Lower Dales Quoits League

T&R Theakston supports one of the North’s great rural traditions with its sponsorship of the Lower Dales Quoits League.

The league started in 1979 and is played at pubs across the Lower Dales during the ‘warm’ spring and summer months.  A quoit, in ancient times, was synonymous with a discus, and Quoits is believed to have been played at the first Greek Olympiad, whatever its origin, the game has been played in England for hundreds of years. The pitch consists of two soft clay pits 3 feet square delineated by a wooden box, each of which has a pin (iron post) standing centrally 3 inches above the surface and not less than a half inch in diameter, the distance between the pins is exactly 11 yards.  A quoit is usually made of iron or steel no more than 8 ½inches in diameter, 1 ½ inches in height and  no more than 5 ¼pounds in weight and the hole must be no more than 5 ½ inches in diameter. Two teams of 7 play, each member being paired with an opponent , the objective is to take turns to throw 2 quoits into the pit, the winner is the person who gets their quoits nearest to the pin. The winner is the first to reach 21 points

Theakston’s sponsorship allows the league to produce its fixture handbook and run the Theakston Trophy Competition.

Stan Smith, Chairman of the Lower Dales Quoits League, said: “A game of Quoits is inexorably associated with a pint at the village pub and its fitting that Theakston should be sponsoring the league. As a local company Theakston is very supportive of local initiatives like ours.”

Simon Theakston, the director who led the family buy back from Scottish-Courage, said: "Theakston – with its long history for brewing traditional cask conditioned ale – is always pleased to be associated with events and initiatives which embody Yorkshire’s great traditions". "Quoits is a case in point – which throughout all the changes we have seen in the countryside over the past 20 years continues to give new generations enjoyment and brings people together around the village green".

T&R Theakston are based in Masham and is one of the few brewers in the country that still employs a cooper crafting wooden casks in which the beers mature. The brewery has a visitor centre where guests can witness beer being brewed by traditional methods and learn more about the history of brewing. Theakston beers include Best Bitter, XB, Old Peculier, Mild and Black Bull Bitter.